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Drainage and Services

BHBC Ltd have undertaken a number of contracts that involve the installation of deep sewers, petrol interceptors and attenuation systems. By looking through this web site you will come to appreciate from the size of the projects undertaken that we fully understand the fundamentals of a good drainage installation. All works are tested before back fill and later inspected by Building Control.

Having sought approval of the relevant authorities we have made connections into water courses following the guidelines set out. Any such connection must be considered carefully bearing in mind that no contaminants may enter the water course and that the rate of flow into the water course is both attenuated and that a suitable headwall is built to avoid erosion of and negate any changes that may affect the banks stability.

We have also undertaken a number of contracts where we have laid the services to the approval of the specialist sub-contractors that come in to make the final connections, thus saving the Client £’s on fees. Once again we have to follow strict guidelines regarding the depth and proximity of services to each other. Care is taken with these matters to ensure that the apparatus is laid flat with no contaminants entering the pipes, that they are free of kinks, laid in fine granular material and that they are safe to maintain.

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